Twitter Bio Mastery (TBM)

Twitter Bio Mastery (TBM) is an online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to craft Twitter bios that convert and sell.

Turn Your Twitter Bio Into an Effective Marketing Tool Today!

And so it happened sometime this year on Twitter!

Finally, a certain startup decided to ask us a question as regards the importance of a business slogan to their startup. They tweeted the question to us publicly and we felt on top of the world!

Why? That was the first time an entrepreneur or a startup on Twitter would ask us a question that had to do with our area of expertise: brand name & slogan development!

We felt so happy and proud because we were being viewed, treated and recognized as experts publicly. And you know what? We went out of our way to give them an expert answer publicly, too, hoping to help other startups or entrepreneurs as well who might have the same question.

Ideally, we could have charged the startup for the answer we provided, in the form of consultation fees. However, we knew it is when you add value, for which you could have charged money, to the lives of your potential clients free of charge that they would consider patronizing you.

After the "question & answer" engagement, we didn't hear anything from them again until one day we decided to check them up. And we saw it! Based on our answer, they had gone ahead to develop a good business slogan for their startup on their own!

In fact, if you visit their Twitter profile right now, it is their business slogan --- which they created based on our answer to their question --- is the first words you will read in their Twitter bio.

Did they patronize our slogan development services after we gave them an expert answer? No! But did we help them develop a good business slogan for their startup through our answer? Yes! In other words, we added value to their business.

What made it possible? Our Twitter bio!

We know you have edited your Twitter bio several times in order for it to reflect what you actually have in mind to tell the world about your business.

Also, we know how you feel about the fact that your Twitter bio can't take more than a few words since it is made up of only 160 characters.

Furthermore, we know how uncomfortable you are with the fact that you don't have enough details to put in your Twitter bio, so you can impress your potential clients.

Moreover, we understand your inability to know how to effectively organize the content of your Twitter bio for maximum result.

Lastly, we recognize the fact that if you can solve the above problems that you have with your Twitter bio, your Twitter bio will:

• increase your Twitter followers;

• increase the number of your quality Twitter followers;

• increase the number and enhance the quality of your engagements;

• become an effective salesperson for your business;

• attract potential clients to your business;

• be enough to get your industry influencers to interact with you;

• help you position your business as the solution to the common problem of your potential clients;

• make your target audience see you as an expert;

• help you become an industry influencer yourself;

• help you establish your business credibility;

• turn your startup into a brand people will love and be proud of.

This is where our course Twitter Bio Mastery comes in! We have designed the course to give you and your business all the above benefits and more.

As an entrepreneur, your Twitter bio is not a mere description of you and/or your business. Rather, it is an effective tool you can use to take yourself and your business to the next level.

Our Twitter Bio Mastery course is packed with detailed and relevant information on how to effectively craft a Twitter bio that SELLS.

Twitter Bio Mastery helps entrepreneurs to craft effective Twitter bios so that through those bios, their businesses can achieve better success.

Also, by enrolling in this course, you will acquire the practical knowledge you need to turn your Twitter bio into an effective salesperson.

Furthermore, Twitter Bio Mastery is poised to deliver on its promise of helping you master the art of crafting effective Twitter bio for your business.

Moreover, since we the creators/instructors of Twitter Bio Mastery have applied (and are still applying) the knowledge taught in the course, you can expect to start applying to your Twitter bio what you are learning in the course.

In other words, you don't have to wait till the end of the course before applying it to your Twitter bio and seeing immediate results..


Q: Who is Twitter Bio Mastery for?

A: Twitter Bio Mastery is for all entrepreneurs who are on Twitter. As long as you are an entrepreneur with a Twitter account, you can buy the course to master the art of crafting an effective Twitter bio for your business.

Apart from entrepreneurs, any individual, who wants to learn how to use his/her Twitter bio as an effective tool for success, can buy the course.

Q: Can I start applying what I learn in the course without waiting till the end of the course?

A: Yes! In fact, the knowledge you will acquire through this course is practical. Your Twitter bio must have worn a professional look before you finish the course.

Q: When should I be expecting to see the positive results of my learning?

A: It depends on your learning experience vis-à-vis how well you understand the course and how well you apply what you learn in the course.

However, without exaggeration and all things being equal, you should start seeing results as soon as you are applying what you learn.

Q: In addition to taking the course, can I still benefit from your personal expert advice and tutoring?

A: Absolutely! For the fact that you enrolled in our Twitter Bio Mastery course, you are entitled to our one-on-one Twitter bio consultation service free of charge.

We are also into professional Twitter bio development services. Again, when you buy the course, you will enjoy our 50% discount if you decide to patronize any of our Twitter bio development services.

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs, Content Marketers, Digital Marketers, Small Business Owners, Startup Founders, Social Marketers

The Uniqueness of Twitter
The Distinguishing Qualities of Twitter
The Most Important Component of Your Twitter Profile
The Sales Letter of Your Business
It Is the Most Considered Component of Your Twitter Profile
It Is Used to Judge Your Tweets' Quality
It Communicates Your Purpose on Twitter
It Shows Why You Should Be Taken Serious or Not
It Reveals Your Own Type of Business-Client Relationship
It Showcases Your Brand Identity
It Reveals Your Business Attitude
A Personal Twitter Bio
A Corporate Twitter Bio
A Non-Professional Twitter Bio
A Professional Twitter Bio
A Twitter Bio Is Editable
A Twitter Bio Is Time-Relevant
A Twitter Bio Is Conversational
A Twitter Bio Is Linkable
Intra-Site Links
Inter-Site Links
Special Characters
Why Are You on Twitter?
What Problem Can You Solve?
What Skills Do You Have to Solve the Problem?
For Whom Have You Solved the Problem?
What Experience Do You Have to Solve the Problem?
Have You Been Featured in the Media?
Question Introducer
Business Slogan Introducer
Success Story Introducer
Statistics Introducer
Expertise Introducer
Call-To-Action Introducer
Create an Ad Space within Your Twitter Bio
Determine What You Want to Promote
Shorten and Cloak Your Ad Link
Introduce Your Ad with a Past-Tense Verb
How to Craft Your Twitter Bio Ad
Use Special Characters to Demarcate Your Ad

What's included

  • 43 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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We are Brannd Hub, a professional brand name, brand slogan and Twitter bio development consultancy service.

Our distinguishing quality is the belief we hold that a robust business-client relationship should be at centre of effective service offering.

Brannd Hub Academy is our online business training division at Brannd Hub, with the Twitter Bio Mastery (TBM) Course being the first course in the academy.

We came to appreciate and develop expertise in professional Twitter bio development after one of our Twitter bio edits suddenly increased our perceived value as brand name & slogan development experts!

What we teach you in our TBM Course is not just what we have read in articles; rather, it is what we have experienced as a business.

Besides offering a course on Twittet bios, we can help you or your business develop a custom-made, professional Twitter bio that will sell!